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Impact of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor on Kashmir

11 March 2017, 3 pm at Hotel Comrade Inn, Srinagar

A seminar on “Impact of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor on Kashmir” is organized by The Kashmir Institute – a Srinagar based think-tank focusing on all the regions of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir and the three countries – India, Pakistan and China, which are connected to it.

The three-hour long seminar, which comprises a panel discussion and Q&A, is aimed at finding answers and discussing vital issues related to the CPEC vis-a-vis Kashmir’s political issue and changing economic dynamics in South Asia. The seminar also aims to answer critical questions whether Jammu and Kashmir should be part of this economic corridor? Does CPEC have any possible impact on the political issue of Kashmir? Is it important for India and Pakistan to think of connecting Jammu and Kashmir with the the CPEC, making it a buffer for economic relationship between the two disgruntled nuclear neighbours? Where does Kashmir fall in the economic relationship between China, Pakistan and India?


Prof. Siddiq Wahid, Historian, former VC IUST

Andrew Small, author of The China-Pakistan Axis

Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim, Economist, University of Kashmir

Zubair A. Dar, Researcher in Energy And Resources – University of Berkeley

Mubeen Ahmad Shah, Former President, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fahad Shah, Director, The Kashmir Institute; Editor, The Kashmir Walla

Moderated by Gowhar Geelani, Journalist, Analyst
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